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how does lupita nyong’o glow like that was she just born radiant 




members of the orange order have been in george square since this afternoon, picking fights with independence supporters who have been doing nothing but holding peaceful rallies for the past few days

i’ve heard unconfirmed reports of large groups of racist unionists going around glasgow beating up anyone who isn’t white, or anyone who is an independence supporter

the city centre is seriously seriously unsafe right now, if you live in glasgow please stay indoors and if you really must go out then please hide any yes badges/flags/stickers etc! please stay safe!!

Stay strong and safe, Scotland.

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the four ebooks in my short story series
  • the assimilation program (can be purchased here) - Jason Kaukis (an android) struggles to cope with the harsh conditions of being programmed to fit what society expects of him. He and his friends are told to be exactly like people without the opportunites for growth normal people have, damaging the weird youth they have. He grows in an adoptive home in a state of confusion and eagerness to please. 
  • the bionic study (in progress) - Shawn Afiríyie is a student from New Jersey who goes into a Welsh engineering program, only to be placed for internship at the most famous android factory in England, and the world. She is extremely excited, but soon finds the job has problems she didn’t expect. She tries to go along with the plan for herself, but she eventually buckles to suspicion. 
  • the hideout home (to be released)- kelly jhaveri and her scottish family run a pub in england. but every so often her filmmaker cousin blane and his friends are forced to mysteriously steal away there for days on end, and refuse to tell her why. when she’s arrested on suspicion of conspiracy, she begins to realize her cousin has been up to serious investigation.
  • the harried servant (to be released)-gregor macdonald has just been elected the new prime minister of scotland. he, a former independence advocate of the mid-21st century, is selected on a campaign of honesty and concern for the people. but as he is quickly shown how things really work in that part of Europe nowadays in the wake of England’s dominance of the new android market, he realizes he may not have the choice to be what he wanted. and several people have been taking note of what he hasn’t been telling.
give me a disney/ghibli movie character that isn't on my /friends page i want u on it

merida pls!!

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i might charge 3 dollars instead of 1 for my next ebook i hope thats not a problem

i’ll try to make it a bit longer in exchange 




Like dad , like daughter

This. Is. So. Cute.


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