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Hey guys, I’ve been getting a lot of new followers recently and I wanna say hi and thank you for following me! My name is Tera but you can call me Left! I’m 24 years old and I’m living in LA with my best friend/fiancee Marcia. <3 I work outside of the arts…

My little brother: syndrome is racist he only hires white henchmen

Astrid & Stormfly - then and now.



Sailor Moon dishing out advice to y’all. Play it in the background and absorb some life lessons.

If you never watched the DiC dub, then you might not know about Sailor Says. It was a unique segment that used episode footage to teach kids some very overt lessons, but really, behind all the cheese and silliness, there are a lot of beautiful things that people of all ages should hear, including:

  • Don’t stick around in a bad relationship
  • Food positivity
  • Everyone has strengths and weaknesses
  • Do the right thing even if it’s tough
  • Be a supportive but honest person and friend
  • Be Good


The reason these are American-dub exclusive is partially as a result of an Edutainment mandate, the Children’s Television Act. (One of the things they sought was “general audience/entertainment programs that serve children’s educational and informational needs.”)

It explains intentionally/directly educational shows like Carmen Sandiego or Captain Planet and their “Planeteer Alert” end segment, but also why shows like Sonic the Hedgehog and also included tidbits like Sonic Says.

general audience/entertainment programs that serve
children's educational and informational needs

[/no one cares jhenne]

But seriously, watch all the Sailor Moon ones because they’re great.

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im so glad im not as icky as i was three yrs ago……

my uncle would also take me and my brother biking in the summer down the bike path by the ocean and itd be so much fun

when i was little my grandma in brooklyn would watch me while my mom was at work and some days she’d make sandwiches and we’d go to the park by the belt parkway and have a picnic on the little tables and play and that was one of my favorite things to do when i was tiny